Outscape is a 4X Space Strategy MMO set in a huge Persistent Online Galaxy.

Experience strategic gameplay in a universe with thousands of other players.

Build an empire, colonize, research, design ships, ally, trade and fight to ensure your civilization's survival.

About IDA Games

IDA Games is an innovative games development studio focussed on building the next generation of immersive video games.

We're a team of passionate game developers that have worked on many AAA titles. We don't just build games, we love playing them too!

A key tenet of our philosophy is the value of community input. Hearing the opinions of our players, and involving them in the creative process as soon as possible, ensures that we build games players want.

At the moment, we are dedicated to finishing Outscape, the first true 4X Space Strategy MMO.

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PC, Mac, Linux, Mobile


Outscape | outscape.net

Outscape - 4X Space Strategy MMO

Outscape is a genuinely new and unique gaming experience. A 4X Space Strategy where you are pitted against thousands of players in a Huge Online Persistent Universe. This is a Grand Strategy game on a truly Epic Scale.

Play at your own pace and in your own style. Dominate through military might, thrive with diplomacy & trade, forge alliances or go it alone - you decide.

  • Build your own vast empire
  • Research technology to unlock immense power
  • Design and command epic fleets
  • Negotiate treaties and form lasting alliances
  • Fight to ensure your civilization's survival
  • Grand Strategy on an MMO scale
  • No 'Pay to Win'



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