About Us

IDA Games is an innovative games development studio focussed on building the next generation of immersive video games.

We're a team of passionate game developers that have worked on many AAA titles. We don't just build games, we love playing them too!

A key tenet of our philosophy is the value of community input. Hearing the opinions of our players, and involving them in the creative process as soon as possible, ensures that we build games players want.

At the moment, we are dedicated to completing and launching Outscape, a Massive Space Strategy MMO that will be the first of its kind.


The current focus within IDA Games is technology to process giant, contiguous, sandbox MMO universes, and the processing of player units within such universes, whether the player remains online or offline.

This technology allows for an immersive player experience with almost infinite exploration possibilities, whilst fitting with modern gaming habits where players can progress their game by frequently performing tasks on mobile devices, as well as the more traditional session gaming on desktop devices.

The technology can also notify players when significant player-relevant events happen within the giant universe. This is different, for example, to a traditional MMO, where the player character disappears from the universe when the player logs out. The first such game to exploit this brand-new technology is Outscape.


IDA Games takes a technical R&D approach to video games development.

We have observed that video games companies take on a lot of market based risk when developing a new game due to the 'hit-driven' nature of the industry.

It is often unclear exactly why one game was a market success, whilst another was not. We believe this is because most games are 'Me Too' games, with the games industry going through small incremental improvements over already existing successful video games.

Yet there remains much scope to be more disruptive and innovative, meaning games companies creating truly unique gaming concepts. We therefore do not believe that the video games industry needs to be 'hit driven', in the same sense as, for example, writing a novel.

So why do video games companies not take on more disruptive gaming concepts? Because of the level of market-risk (whether or not a given game will sell), there is little appetite for games companies to add additional technical risk to projects which are already notorious for overrunning.

Video games companies rely instead on enhancements to game engines such as Unreal or Unity to create more novel or realistic gaming experiences.

However, with most games companies using the same games engines, they all have access to the same features, hence they create very similar video games. Those companies which do create their own engines often struggle with cost and stability, especially in todays multi-platform environment.

The level of market-risk taken on by video games companies means that development cycles are also shortened, with an intense focus on time-to-market, further reducing the ability to innovate on a technical level. Innovation and competition therefore predominately happens on the artistic and story-telling dimensions, with minor incremental improvements elsewhere, such as special effects, the control system, or using existing engine features in new ways.

Adding to the problem, game studios, with their time and market pressures, often do not implement software development best practises to the standard that is achieved in other industries. This actually exacerbates the problems with uncertainty over timelines and software quality, resulting in a causal loop requiring delivery in ever shorter timelines.

In recognition of the difficulties larger game studios face to grow, they often pursue a strategy of acquisition, buying small studios that have innovated their way into the market. All too often as these smaller studios struggle to operate under the constraints and pressures imposed by their new parent company, stifling further innovation.

Our Solution

We therefore believe that the so-called "hit-driven" nature of the gaming industry is largely self-inflicted. Hence we formed IDA Games as a team of people with expertise in these fields:

  • Technical R&D - to create a gaming experiences beyond what existing engines allow
  • Agile Implementation - to remove technical risks and be more confident and certain about the current position of a project
  • Game Design and Implementation - Developers, Designers and Artists who have delivered previous AAA titles with extensive experience in the gaming industry
  • Market Analysis - to remove residual market risk by analysing the market potential for a gaming product
  • Investment - Those who want to be part of the next 'Minecraft' or 'World of Warcraft'

Our purpose is to be innovative in all dimensions and prove to the gaming industry that there is a happier path to success.